"Arbor eram vilis quondam sed viva tacebam, nunc bene si tangor mortua dulce sono"

On 19 October 2013 we inaugurated our new artisan laboratory in Paularo, an alpine village situated in the heart of Incarojo valley, between the beautiful Zermula and Sernio mountains. The workshop is located in “Maronese”, a former military complex, that has recently been restructured, and now houses some associations and artisan activities. It has been divided and organised in order to facilitate our working processes.

Carpentry activities are hosted in the largest part of the workshop, as this allows the storing of materials and processing of the wooden parts of the musical instruments. Instruments are lacquered in a small, special area which is easier to ventilate and to keep free from dust. The finishing touches are made in an area organized to enable assembly and the finishing works of the instruments and the creation of wound strings.

Finished musical instruments are exhibited in the main hall where customers can view and try them out.

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