"Virtutem posuere dii sudore parandam"

Our company was born in 2007 in a little workshop in Prato Carnico, where we have carried out a variety of carpentry works: from restoration of antique furniture to creation of customized furniture. But our artistry has a more ancient tradition. Our paternal grandfather was a master in the selection of wood and the “trusted man” of the big sawmill “De Antoni”. Our maternal grandfather manufactured clocks at “F.lli Solari”’s company, where he also designed the equipment to produce their components. Our father worked at the clock factory “F.lli Solari” in Pesariis. He is one of those rare people who, as you say, “can do everything and does it well”. Our artistry, that has allowed us to have first work experiences, combined with love for music and musical instruments has brought us to Paularo by Master Canciani in order to learn the art of creating harpsichords.

M. Canciani has many years of experience in restoration. In Turin he has held various restoration courses, organized by the Piedmont region, concerning antique keyboard instruments such as organ, harpsichord, fortepiano. Due to this activity he was appointed as a permanent member in the committee for the protection of ancient organs at the Superintendence for Artistic Heritage of Piedmont.

During the course he held for us in his studio, we restored various antique instruments now displayed at the “La Mozartina” Museum in Paularo.

This formative experience represented an important turning point in our work, and made it necessary to transfer our workshop to a more comfortable and spacious location in Paularo.

The experience we gained during these years has accredited us to the Superintendence S.B.A.E., for which we have restored a valuable Bosendorfer fortepiano owned by the “Città di Gorizia” Music Foundation. We have personally taken care of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of musical instruments preserved at the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions “Michele Gortani” in Tolmezzo and at “La Mozartina” Museum in Paularo since 2010.

In addition to the activities of restoration and of construction of historical copies, we are currently dedicating ourselves to a new important project: the creation of instruments that, while maintaining our usual standards of high quality, can be made available at affordable prices.

Through all of this, our main source of energy is still our love for music, a great passion that has accompanied us step by step in this complex, fascinating and wonderful world.

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