"Acta virum probant"

The experience we gained during these years has accredited us to the Superintendence S.B.A.E., for which we have restored a valuable Bosendorfer fortepiano owned by the “Città di Gorizia” Music Foundation and an important and rare harpsichord owned by the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions “Michele Gortani” in Tolmezzo. We have personally taken care of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of musical instruments preserved at the Museum “Michele Gortani” in Tolmezzo and at “La Mozartina” Museum in Paularo since 2010.

We devote ourselves to the restoration of pianos, fortepianos, harpsichords and harmonium of any type, age and origin, respecting their original characteristics in both their working and external aspect.


We use top quality materials, carefully selected according to their characteristics. Various finishes are also available, from buffed polish with shellac to modern finishes. We also carry out other activities: maintenance, tuning, appraisals, transports with pianoplan, rental and services for concerts. In our artisan laboratory we create new musical instruments, historical copies or inspired by them, adapting them to customer specific needs. The best materials are chosen with great attention and are worked combining tradition and innovation in constant endeavour to achieve mechanical reliability and optimal timbre while also keeping moderate and affordable prices. Mozartina pefc logo